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Are You Looking House For Rent In DHA Phase 2 Islamabad? Read This Article

Do you want to enjoy a higher standard of living? 

If yes, don’t worry, I bring you a great opportunity. I have a house for rent in DHA 2 Islamabad according to your budget and have the great comforts people require for their dream house. 

Let’s start and take a look… 

House for sale in dha phase 2 islamabad

Description About House For Rent In DHA 2 Islamabad


PKR 88K   


0.50 Kanal=10 Marla                            

0.50 Kanal=2250.00 sq. ft. 

0.50 Kanal=250.00 sq. yd. 

0.50 Kanal= 209.03 sq. m.

house for sale in dha phase 2 islamabad

Comforts And Features 

Prime Location 

DHA is the heart of Islamabad and well known for a higher standard of living and quality properties. DHA 2 is a project where you can find many nearby places and enjoy a luxurious life and construct in 2020.  

Parking Spaces 

Parking is the biggest problem people face when they buy a house or go for rent. So no need to worry, there are two spaces where you can park your car safely. 

Basic Facilities 

Electricity, gas, and water play a very vital role in our lives. So in DHA 2, you will have all these facilities for 24 hrs. And also have a backup for these facilities. 

Quality And Cleaning 

DHA never compromises in the quality. You will find that the infrastructure is beautiful, high-quality flooring, best quality item, clean area, and dustbins are located at different locations.

Gardening Area And Lawn 

Are you interested in gardening plants?

Don’t worry; there is a personal area for gardening—a lawn where you can enjoy tea in beautiful weather and enjoy the fresh air. 

We Provide best house for rent in dha phase 2 islamabad


There are many rooms for various purposes 5 beds, 6 baths, maid room, dining room, 2 storerooms, prayer hall, 2 modern kitchens, lounge room, and room for laundry. 

Technology Services 

Intercom services, net services, and TV led are available. 

Security And Staff 

There is a great gated community where you will find no security issues. CCTV cameras are fitted at various points. Cleaning staff, service staff, and security staff available 24 hrs. 

Nearby Places House For Rent In Dha 2 Islamabad?


  • Marhaba Store is near; the resident can reach in 8 to 10 minutes.
  • Carrefour is located near GT road, where you can buy various items like fruits, vegetables, electronics, clothes, and much more. 
  • Gota Kinari is available on Lane 4 of Central Boulevard, where the resident can reach 10 to 12 minutes.


Many mosques are available near DHA 2. There are various mosques located in every sector of DHA 2. 

 Hospitals And Clinics 

You will find many dental clinics, skin clinics, and eye clinics—Bashiran Umer Eye Hospital, located 10 minutes away from DHA 2. 

Many clinics are operating near DHA 2.


  • Army Public School
  • Pakistan Model School
  • Govt Primary School Gurian
  • Capstone Academy


  • Cadet College
  • Islamabad Model College for Girls
  • Yusra Medical and Dental College
  • Mehran Degree College for Boys

There are many schools and colleges which you can select for your children where they can get quality education.  

Other Nearby Areas 

Many other nearby places like public transport, parks, restaurants, malls, banks, and salons are available in large quantities around the DHA 2 area where you can enjoy all types of entertainment and reach facilities. 

  • Sadaf’s Salon and Spa, Marciano’s Salon Faiza’s parlor, and Depilex Clinic for beauty.
  • Sports and gyms are also available nearby. 
  • Children Park, Humak Park, Central Park, and Mini Jungle Park can reach in hardly 9 to 10 minutes. 
  • Many BBQ restaurants are available where you can enjoy delicious food. 

Why Should You Consider House For Rent In Dha 2 Islamabad? 


Phase 2 is located between Islamabad highway and GT road, which is a trending location searched by people for their dream house. 

DHA 2 is a developed area where many families are already settled and enjoy a higher living stand. DHA 2 consists of all facilities people want to have in their house like security, clean place, nearby places, gas electricity, and water.

Facilities And Features 

Before finding a house for rent, people first consider facilities and features. So you don’t have to worry about facilities and features because this project consists of a massive room, modern style kitchen, maid room, TV area and much more. It consists of 2 car parking, clean space, cable service, security, gas, electricity, and water available 24 hrs. 

You will find various nearby schools, mosques, hospitals, malls, and parks. 


The people who have no personal transport can easily travel to their desire destination. So it would be best if you had a place where you can find public transport easily. So don’t need to worry you can travel with less money and less time too. Near DHA 2 you will find many transport services.

People Reviews About DHA 2 

Many people recommend DHA 2 for living and like the features and services. 

  • “One of the luxurious places for living a happier, delightful and safer life.” –Arslan Asghar Roy
  • “Good location to live, excellent utility services, including parks and market available nearby.” -Syed Mohsin Ashraf 
  • “A delightful place to start living, well-organized community, nearby places available, clean roads, secure and having nice holistic experience.”- Hajira Sarfraz Raja
  • “Good place to live, and all facilities are at the doorstep.”-Iftikhar Ahmad. 

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Where And How You Can Find House For Rent? 

Are you looking for buying, renting, or selling? If yes, you are reading the right article. We help you if you want to find a house for rent or buy or sell a house according to your demands and find the best deal for you, which makes you fully satisfied and stress-free. We save you house and save your money too. We are like your family and give you our best as possible according to your desires. 

House for sale in dha 2 islamabad

If you want a house for rent, we can help you manage according to your budget where you find all facilities in less amount. All people concern about money, and we protect your money as much as possible.

So for more rental houses, you can freely contact us. We are here to improve your living standard according to your demand.  

We have more to serve you according to your budget and demand.  

For more details visit our website: www.riseupestate.com.

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Riseup Int Estate and builder (SMC-PVT) LTD – Your loyal Real Estate companion


Suppose you are planning to shift your house and improve your living standards. House for Rent in DHA 2 Islamabad is the best opportunity you can avail. The rent is very low, and you can enjoy all comfort in one place. 

So please hurry up and contact us for more details. Improve your living… improve your standards…

house for rent in dha phase 2 islamabad
house for rent in dha  2 islamabad

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